Why You Need A Blog For Your Business?

Why You Need A Blog For Your Business?

In this millennial age, where everything is online. Having your business online is a must. In terms of marketing a business online, you need to build an online presence to get your potential customers.

Why You Need A Blog For Your Business 2

Among all marketing strategies like having Google My Business, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing. Blogging does play a huge part in your online growth.

To this day, there are over 600 million blogs on the internet and yet blogging never becomes old. If you own a business and don’t own a blog, then you’re missing out on a big slice of money for your business.

Suppose you don’t have a blog. Then starting a blog is very simple. All you need to have is a domain name and hosting for your business (BlueHost v/s GoDaddy)

In this article, I will talk about five reseasons why you need a blog for your business

  • Generate Free Search Engine Traffic

Now, everybody loves Google’s search traffic. It’s free, targeted, and mostly intent-driven traffic to your blog.

Doing SEO on your blog and ranking your content on google’s 1st page will surely help you leverage some targeted leads for your business.

Even though SEO seems to have become harder in the past few years due to the regular Google Algorithm Updates, but yet the most genuine and quality content providers are being loved by Google’s Search.

Why You Need A Blog For Your Business

Since your blog is going to be about your business, it’s obvious that you will have competitors to whom you need to outrank them and the level of competition completely depends on your niche and business.

So these days, blogs are targetted to drive traffic from the long tail keyword versions of your business and products to cut down the major competitors. As a new blog to this scenario, even a moderate search volume for your keyword could result in hundreds of free leads via your blog.

  • To Share Your Content To Your Audience

Blogging is a great way to share your content with your target audience. This content could be about anything that you and your audience can relate to. The purpose of content is to give value, drive traffic, and make readers your future customers.

So what sort of content you should be posting on your blog?

According to me, a business blog should publish:-

  • Articles about your business and talk about whom you are and what you can do to help them. You can even share what you’ve achieved so far and update readers about your business.
  • Articles which talk about the products and services that you sell and why someone needs to buy from you
  • Articles which are intended to give a pure free value related to your niche. Like addressing an issue in your niche and giving tips to solve the particular issue
  • Get Feedback From Your Customers

Blogs are a great way for your audience to connect with you and talk to you. Your blog represents your business, and visitors who convert through your blog are valuable.

They are keen about your business and what you are selling. So they are always looking forward to what you would come up with in terms of content. These audiences are a great source to collect feedback on your products.

Suppose someone reads your blog regularly. Then he/she are more likely to respond to your business. Their responses would help you notice what an average customer wants and expects from you. Thus in this way, your blog is a good source to get feedback from your potential audience.

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  • Build An Audience via Email List

Since most of the traffic to your blog won’t become your paying customers when they first visit your blog, it’s important that you need to build an audience outside of your blog to target them for your business.

Building an email list is the most effective way to engage and convert your audience. Even though emails seems to the decade-old way of marketing, but it’s the most effective to retarget someone, and it still works as of today.

Once your blog starts to get traffic, it’s a great opportunity for you to grab the visitors emails address and email campaigns.

By building email lists, your business can target a set of audience who are interested in your product (or) maybe your customers too. You can easily build hype for new product launch and provide discounts to these people to increase your sales.

  • Blog Acts as a Social Proof

Blogging is a great way to build trust with your audience. Thus having a blog can make people believe in what you sell. People tend to purchase form a business who has a blog despite a business with no blog presence.

Your blog is growing your brand, and daily it’s reaching more people on the internet. A blog is a great way to increase your brand awareness without uttering a word form your mouth.

So there are yet a ton of reasons on why you need to have your business blog. But I will end my article here and want to share just one thing. Think ‘A blog as your online asset for your business’. Once you understand, you would know the importance of having a blog.

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