Who Will Win Champions League 2022: The Bookmakers’ Favorites

When Real Madrid clinched the Champions League title for the fifth time in nine years, its fans were quite delighted. They celebrated the win, much to the chagrin of the fans of the other teams. And as the 2022-2023 season drew near, punters were unsure if they should back Real Madrid for yet another win or choose another team. And as usual, they started by seeking the betting sites with the best online betting offers as they made this hard decision. Most of them are still unsure which team deserves that big stake that will earn them that prize they’ve been eyeing for years. So, who is likely to bag the 2022 title and why? Let’s find out.

The Best Contenders

With the UEFA Champions League 2022-2023 season having started in June 2022, punters do not have much to go on – and they have a long while before they can find out who will bag the win this season. The playoffs are about to start towards the end of August, which will pave the way for the group stages at the end of the year. And the knockout stages will not occur until February 2023 before the final in June the same year. So, as things stand, punters are only leaning on past events to place their wagers.

Which teams have found favor in the eyes of the punters?

  1. Manchester City

Many people expected Manchester City to win the previous Champions League. After all, it boasted excellent management and had a stellar team ready to lift the title. Even so, the remarkable performance by Real Madrid left this team in the dust, and many people now expect that the 2022-2023 season will be its comeback season. This team has been working hard in the past five seasons to inch closer to the win. In the 2017 to 2020 seasons, it made it to the quarter-finals before making it to the semi-finals last year. Besides that, this team has also bagged four Premier League titles and is no stranger to winning. So, who’s to say that this will not be the year it makes it to the finals and bags that well-deserved win?


This team’s performance in the 2021-2022 group stages was outstanding, bagging five wins and 18 points. So, when the team finally made it to the final, the odds were quite on its side. And Jurgen Klopp and his team probably expected it to be a smooth sail to the top. However, that was not to be. Instead, while the team attempted 24 shots, 9 of which were on target, it did not score. But Real Madrid, on the other hand, only attempted two shots, one of which sailed through and bagged them the win. To say that punters were shocked would be an understatement, seeing as bookie odds had Liverpool as the top contender. And this year, many people expect Jurgen Klopp and his team to make it to the finals again – and hopefully come out stronger than they did in the last season.

  1. Paris Saint Germain

Last season, PSG, just like Manchester City, was out to prove that it could bag the Champions League title. And it did well for a while until it reached the last 16, where Real Madrid thrashed it quite well. That loss and elimination ended this team’s dreams of scoring a Champions League title, despite being such a strong team in the Ligue 1. Unfazed, the team is back, this time boasting Kylian Mbappe as a new addition. And how could they not contract Mbappe? After all, he has bagged 170 goals and 88 assists in 216 games for the team! Now that it has one of the best squads in the league, bookies are backing it with favorable odds.

  1. Bayern Munich

Bayern is not new to the Champions League finals, having played in them in 11 seasons between 2009 and 2020. This team also knows what it is like to carry such a title as it holds the 2020 and 2013 titles. Even so, its performance in the last two seasons has been quite wanting, seeing the team lose in the quarter-finals each time. And now that Lewandoski has left the team for Barcelona, tension is rife that the team might not make it to the finals. Even so, this team has maintained its outstanding performance in the Bundesliga, and many analysts have used this as a pillar for its predicted success in the 2022-2023 champions league season. After all, they still have Sadio Mane and are capitalizing on new additions like Ryan Gravenberch and Noussair Mazraoui to perfect their lineup.

  1. Real Madrid

Can Real Madrid win the league again? Sure! This team has continuously beat the odds and emerged the winner even when people expected it to face a downturn in its performance. Even when their starting team seems weaker than the others in the league, it still manages to win. So, with nine titles to its name, what’s to keep it from bagging yet another win? After all, it has bagged the following victories in the past few seasons:

  • 2022,
  • 2018,
  • 2017,
  • 2016, and
  • 2014.

Maybe they will add 2023 to that list.

It’s pretty early to tell which of these teams has the upper hand. But as the league stages progress, punters and bookies will be much better poised to point out the stronger teams. And it will be much easier to make better wagering choices based on the stats.

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