South Dakota Alleged Casino Robber Nabbed, Charged For Four Sioux Falls Heists

A 31-year-old South Dakota man was arrested on Thursday for four recent holdups at Sioux Falls gaming properties. In two of the robberies, he allegedly pulled out a knife to threaten employees.

A Sioux Falls, S.D. police SUV
A Sioux Falls, S.D. police SUV
A Sioux Falls, S.D. police SUV, pictured above. Police arrested a local man for allegedly robbing four Sioux Falls casinos. (Image: Matt’s Photo Collection)

The suspect, Domach Khai, 31, of Sioux Falls, was charged with first-degree robbery, aggravated assault, and other counts, Dakota News Now, a regional news site, reported.

He was apprehended by the Sioux Falls Area Joint Fugitive Task Force in front of a local apartment building. The South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation assisted in the arrest.

These are the incidents for which he was charged:

  • A January 20 robbery at Get-N-Go on East 10th St. He allegedly showed a knife. He left with cash.
  • Another January 20 robbery at Paradise Casino on West 12th St. He got cash. No weapon was seen.
  • A January 22 robbery at Neon Casino also on East 10th St. He got cash. There was no indication a weapon was used in the crime.
  • Also, a January 25 robbery at Box Car Casino, which is also on East 10th St. He allegedly showed a knife.

Surveillance Video

When investigating, police reviewed video taken by casino surveillance cameras.

Officers were able to come up with a description of the person displayed in video and photos.

They paid special attention to the clothes the robber was wearing, his physical appearance, and a description of the car, the news report said.

Surveillance video was a big part in this, being able to identify him,” Sioux Falls Police Department spokesperson Sam Clemens was quoted by the Argus Leader, a local newspaper.

Bond was set at $100,00, Clemens said. Khai was sentenced on three counts of first-degree robbery in 2015, the report added.

Prior Robberies

Elsewhere in South Dakota, there were other recent holdups at casinos.

On December 22, in Sioux Falls, a man suspected of committing two recent casino robberies was arrested.

An employee at Deuces Casino in Sioux Falls recognized a car. It matched a description of the car used in another local casino robbery.

The worker alerted police. Once officers arrived, the suspect, Jeffery Kovatch, 60, fled and got into his vehicle.

He drove the car until it crashed. He then ran from the vehicle.

Kovatch was eventually apprehended at an apartment near Christopher Place. He was hiding in a hallway when he was located by police.

Kovatch was charged with two counts of robbery, burglary, and aggravated alluding. He also was charged with a drug count after suspected methamphetamine (meth) was found in his car.

The first robbery Kovatch is accused of committing took place on December 19 at Big Al’s Casino, the Argus Leader reported. Kovatch never drew a firearm nor took his hands out of his pockets during the holdup.

He allegedly threatened to shoot people inside the casino before stealing money, police said.

The second robbery was on December 22 at Joker’s Casino. An employee there hit an alarm and the suspect fled the casino without any cash.

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