Report: Usher Fires Dancer Who Tripped Him During Las Vegas Show

Usher has reportedly fired a dancer who tripped him during a recent performance of his Las Vegas concert residency at Park MGM. The incident occurred while Usher was performing his hit, “Don’t Waste My Time.”

Usher is tripped on stage at the Dolby Live Theater by one of his high-heeled skater-dancers earlier this month. Seconds later, he bounces to his feet and hugs the dancer to show the crowd that all is forgiven … before reportedly firing her off stage. (Image: YouTube)

Video of the incident, uploaded to YouTube by @rnbmusictweets, shows a female dancer , wearing high-heeled roller stakes, bumping into Usher with her foot while trying to grab his hand. This causes the dancer to fall on her rear from the impact.

“High heel skates are crazy … you are just asking for trouble in those,” tweeted @DomianoXXX.

While down, the dancer watched while Usher also lost his balance, falling to one knee before bouncing back up.

Usher played the faux pas off onstage, hugging the dancer and telling the crowd, “You can’t get ’em all right, y’all.”

According to hip-hop blogger Sandra Rose, the dancer was greeted by a different Usher off stage. Quoting unnamed sources, the blogger reported that the perfectionist — known to rehearse his routines obsessively — fired the dancer, who was then inconsolable about her dismissal.

“Usher reportedly said his health was more important than her tears,” Rose blogged. “If he is injured, he can’t work, and if he can’t work, he can’t pay his bills to support his family.”

Rose wrote that the dancer was immediately replaced.

Lending credence to the report, Usher did say something else to the dancer while on stage: “That’s a one of one.” Given the circumstances, it can be reasonably be inferred to mean that the mistake was one of a grand total of one mistakes he permits performers in  his employ to make. (The title of his residency, after all, is “My Way.”)

While most Twitter comments beneath the video praised Usher for bouncing back to his feet so smoothly, Twitter user @ErvScottie noticed: “That’s a one of one” was a threat.” And Twitter user @MoreAndAgain was apparently downright prescient when commenting, presumably in Usher’s voice, “I want her FIRED!”

Rose’s blog did get one important fact wrong, however. And that does cast doubt over the rest of her facts. She reported that the incident happened on March 8.

Usher’s March 8 show was canceled in advance.

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