Reasons Why NCERT Books Should be Preferred for Competitive Exam Preparation

Reasons Why NCERT Books Should be Preferred for Competitive Exam Preparation

NCERT books are the basic knowledge provider that every student studies starting from 6th or 7th grade. It covers almost every question type, ranging from easy, average, and complex types. These are the books that are often neglected while students appear for higher examination. Important examinations like JEE Mains, CAT, and CLAT cover questions straight from NCERT. These question papers are created in such a way that an average student can appear and solve them. To score well in these examinations, one should never ignore the basic study material.

NCERT books happen to be one of them. Ncert solutions for class 12 maths are generally seen in the competitive exams. A wide range of students can score well in such examinations because of their thorough revision of NCERT concepts. Students always rush towards extra books and neglect the knowledge of basic concepts which NCERT provides. Even competitive exam practice series have a lot of questions that come out of NCERT. Let’s know about other major reasons that why NCERT books should be preferred: –

1. Competitive exams comprised of NCERT questions 

It is important to go through the NCERT textbook because almost all the question types are covered in it. Also, when someone has to appear for a competitive exam, they should first try to have a thorough understanding of NCERT. Grabbing and hopping for extra books wouldn’t help you outshine others if your basics won’t be clear. Most of the questions come from the NCERT book and sometimes even the digits happen to be the same. It generates confidence among the candidates when an already practiced question appears in the examination.

2. Instant revision with the summaries given at the end of every chapter 

Once you have a thorough reading of the whole chapter and the concepts, there is no need to go through the chapters again and again. The summary at the back end of every chapter covers all the important keynotes and formulas. It buys you a lot of time and you can prepare your mind for the competitive exam.

3. NCERT is a source of authentic and correct information 

Some books in the marketplace are very hyped, especially books belonging to the competitive exams arena. Most of the solutions provided by these books are incorrect. The question types are also out of the syllabus. NCERT solutions consist of all the reliable concepts and solutions. There is no room for doubt left regarding the answers. So, you don’t have to google and verify every time if the answer’s right or wrong. It consists of all the vital and correct information. In short, it is the most trustworthy source of knowledge.

4. Detailed and to the point explanation 

All the topics in NCERT talk about to the point information. Nothing in this book consists of vague information or something that is just written to extend the word limit of the information. When things are written in an easy and understanding way, the person learning enjoys it more. Otherwise, the rest of the sourcebooks have at least 60-70 questions for a single concept which makes it difficult for the student to practice all of them. While NCERT books cover the concepts in a shorter arena of questions to be practiced.

5. Derivation questions, straight from NCERT

The derivation concepts that are illustrated in the NCERT sourcebook, comes directly in the question paper. So if you have been an NCERT learner, you are going to pass the exam with flying colors. Students consider the derivations as free marks since it is just about pasting the answer that you have learned.

So these are the top 5 reasons why NCERT books should be preferred over other sourcebooks. NCERT books are considered to be the base for competitive exams. Cuemath is one such trustworthy digital mathematics platform that has created bright stars for over years now. They provide mathematical training to students from 6th grade onwards. The base that they create is so powerful that any student can beat such competitive examinations easily.

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