Poker Dealer Dodges Prison for Inside Job at Dublin’s ‘Fitz’ Card Club

A former poker dealer at the now-shuttered Fitzwilliam Card Club in Dublin, Ireland has avoided prison for helping a robber target his ex-employer in a €50K raid.

Fitzwilliam Card Club
Fitzwilliam Card Club
The Fitzwilliam Card Club in Dublin, which closed in December 2019. David Wright was the inside man who passed information to thieves about cash movements at the club. (Image: Clifton House)

David Wright, 36, admitted informing the crook about movements of cash in and out of the casino, and later receiving a cut of the proceeds.

But this week, the dealer was dealt a “Get Out of Jail” card by Judge Pauline Codd at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

She determined that the defendant’s genuine remorse, previous good character, and positive probation report were mitigating factors in the case. Wright was sentenced to four years, suspended under certain conditions that include keeping the peace and being of good behavior, reported.

Cash Delivery Targeted

At about 6:30 p.m. on Aug. 13, 2018, an employee of local wholesale company JR Byrne was delivering cash and cigarettes to the casino. He was using his own BMW to make his deliveries rather than an armored vehicle, as was his habit, according to court documents.

As he approached the casino, he became aware of someone running toward him, whom he took for a jogger. The individual jumped at him and tried to grab the cashbox. A struggle ensued.

The attacker put his hand in his pocket and threatened to kill the victim if he didn’t relinquish the box. Eventually, the robber tripped the victim and made away with the cash and €700 worth of cigarettes.

Police later discovered that one of two vehicles used in the robbery, a Skoda Octavia, was registered to Wright. Investigators also found that payments of €2,500 and €1,100 had been made to his bank account in the weeks following the robbery.

Wright had been on duty on several occasions when the JR Byrne employee had made his cash deliveries to the casino.

Fear of Violence

Wright told police he was approached by an acquaintance who demanded to know about cash movements at the property. While no direct physical threats were made to him, the defendant was frightened of this individual and believed he had no option but to cooperate, according to his lawyer, Anne Marie Lawlor.

The individual suspected of carrying out the robbery, who wasn’t named in Wright’s case, will be tried at a later date.

The Fitzwilliam Card Club was, for many years, a favorite of Dublin’s poker players until its closure in December 2019. That’s after new gambling laws made it difficult for a private club, such as the Fitz, to offer poker legally.

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