Missouri Casino Player Is Pistol-Whipped, Shot in Front of St. Louis Residence

A St. Louis, Missouri woman was pistol-whipped and shot in front of her house as her husband tried to protect her early Wednesday morning. The couple had just returned from an evening at a local casino. The violent attack was part of an attempted robbery.

River City Casino located in Lemay, Mo.
River City Casino located in Lemay, Mo.
River City Casino located in Lemay, Mo., pictured above. A husband and wife visited the casino. When they returned home, a robber tried to steal their money. The wife was wounded and pistol-whipped. (Image: Wikipedia)

The two had been at the River City Casino located in nearby Lemay, Mo. They headed back to their Pennsylvania Avenue residence.

They believed that a female robber spotted them at the casino and had followed them for about five miles until they arrived home.

The couple had parked their car and walked to the front porch. The armed assailant was waiting for them. She demanded they turn over cash.

But the husband refused. He thought he could get her to leave. So, he told her, “Go ahead, shoot me.”

Shot in Leg

That is when the bandit shot the woman once in the leg. She tried to shoot her again but missed.

She then took the gun and pistol-whipped the woman victim. The robber eventually fled without any money.

The woman was treated at a local hospital for her injuries. She was released from the hospital later in the day.

The family spoke to KSDK, a local TV station. They asked not to be identified.

“She’s still traumatized from it, still in a little shock,” the victim’s daughter said later on Wednesday.

Her mother called her in the middle of the night.

“I thought it was odd she was calling me so late in the night…she facetimed me and she was all injured and bleeding,” the daughter recalled.

The house’s front door was damaged by a bullet hole. The glass in a door was broken. Blood stains were on the porch.

I’m just glad she’s okay because it could’ve ended up differently where she wouldn’t be alive right now,” the daughter told KSDK.

“Something you just don’t believe is going to happen to you and ends up just mind-blowing,” she added.

The robber was wearing a black hoody, the couple said. She also had on a face mask.

River City Casino is owned by Gaming and Leisure Properties. It is operated by Penn Entertainment.

Fatal Robbery in Baltimore

Other instances have taken place where robbers have followed gamblers home from casinos and tried to rob them. Some players end up wounded or dead.

For instance, in Baltimore last February, a man was shot dead in his house. He had just returned from a winning day at Horseshoe Casino Baltimore.

The assailant followed the great grandfather from the gaming venue to his home. He then forced his way into the house.

Clarence Joseph Buckner, 65, initially unsuccessfully struggled with the bandit. But the robber fired at least one shot at the man.

Buckner left behind 12 children, 25 grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. He was a recently retired cook for the cafeterias in the Baltimore public schools. He also left behind a widow, Elizabeth Buckner.

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