Man Kept Mother’s Mummified Body On His Couch For 13 Years, Arrested

The owner of the house has been taken by paramedics to the hospital where he will be examined by expert psychiatrists.

Man Kept Mother's Mummified Body On His Couch For 13 Years, Arrested

The man dug up his mother’s body from a graveyard.

A man has been arrested in Poland for mummifying his mother’s body and keeping it on his sofa for 13 years, according to a report in UK-based Express. The police arrested the man, known only as Marian L, after his brother-in-law found the body inside the house. The 76-year-old relative decided to pay a visit to the man’s house in Radlin on February 22 this year and saw him wandering outside “looking mad”. He then searched the home and found the mummified body propped up on sofa on top of a pile of newspapers from 2009, the outlet further said.

“We received a report in connection with the disclosure of the body from a family member of the owner of the apartment,” police spokesperson Malgorzata Koniarska was quoted as saying by Express.

“The policemen went to the house in Rogozina Street in Radlin. In the part of the house belonging to an elderly man, a mummified corpse was discovered,” she added.

A release, posted on the police website in local language, said that the owner of the house was taken by paramedics to the hospital.

The police suspected that the body on the sofa was the man’s mother who died in 2010 aged 95. So, they searched her grave and found it empty, said

The cops said the Marian dug up his mother’s body soon after her burial and took it to his apartment, where chemicals were used to embalm it.

District Prosecutor’s Office prosecutor Joanna Smorczewska said the man was charged with interfering with a corpse and “will be examined by expert psychiatrists who will issue an opinion on his state of health.”

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