Las Vegas Beating Allegations Against NFL Players Rest on Video Evidence

Indictments against pro football players Alvin Kamara and Chris Lammons, as well as two other men, are based largely on surveillance videos showing violent attacks, according to court transcripts released on Tuesday.

Alvin Kamara and Chris Lammons
Chris Lammons, left, Alvin Kamara, pictured above. The two were indicted for a 2022 alleged beating of another man at the entrance to a Las Vegas nightclub. (Image: Getty Images via People)

The videos show the four allegedly kicking, shoving, or punching the victim, Darnell Greene, at the entrance to a Las Vegas nightclub, according to indictments from a Clark County grand jury.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) Det. Austin Bone told the grand jury that officers were able to identify the four from video taken at The Cromwell Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, and video from a limousine in which the men were passengers.

The grand jury indicted Kamara, Lammons, Percy Harris, and Christopher Young last week. Each is charged with battery resulting in substantial bodily harm and conspiracy to commit battery.

Kamara is a running back for the New Orleans Saints. Lammons was a one-time cornerback for the Cincinnati Bengals. Harris is reportedly Kamara’s manager. The fourth man’s profession is unknown.

The February 5, 2022 assault broke out outside of an elevator that takes visitors to Drai’s After Hours nightclub located in the Cromwell complex. The incident took place over Pro Bowl weekend which was held at Allegiant Stadium.

Greene, like the suspects, was waiting for the elevator. When it opened, Kamara allegedly stopped Greene from walking inside.

Victim Initially Pushed Back

“A guy put his hands … on my chest, like to … push me back and tell me I can’t get on the elevator,” Greene testified. Greene then shoved Kamara’s hand away.

“Then he pushed me real hard and then somebody hit me,” Greene recalled. Lammons was the one who threw the punch, police said.

The force knocked Greene against a wall. His head struck a wall, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

I thought I was getting murdered,” Greene told the grand jury.

During the attack, Greene was beaten in the head, neck, torso, back, and chest, according to the indictment. Greene lost consciousness and fell to the floor.

Kamara Allegedly Punched Greene Eight Times

Based on the videos, police estimated Kamara punched Greene eight times, according to the Review-Journal. Lammons allegedly punched Greene once and kicked him three times, police said. Harris kicked him 16 times, and Young kicked him four times, according to police statements.

After the attack, the four left the casino building and went into the limousine. Kamara made a fist with his right hand while apparently bragging about the assault, “I connected with the [expletive]’s jaw so hard,” Kamara said while in the limo, according to court documents.

Greene suffered an orbital fracture around the eye and shoulder injuries from the beating. He had to undergo surgery on his right shoulder, the Review-Journal reported.

The four suspects had been at the Wynn Las Vegas that day before going to Drai’s. They then were driven to the Vdara Hotel & Spa.

Kamara is represented by Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys David Chesnoff, Drew Findling, and Richard Schonfeld. They have many high-profile clients.

The legal team has said they will “vigorously fight the allegations at trial.” Kamara “was defending himself and others at the time of the incident,” the legal team said in a statement quoted by Las Vegas TV station KLAS.

Kamara has claimed Greene punched him as Kamara attempted to flee, according to a police report quoted by the Review-Journal.

Comments from the attorneys representing the three other men were not immediately available.

The criminal case will next be heard in Las Vegas court on March 2.

Greene has filed a separate civil lawsuit in Louisiana. He is seeking $10 million in damages from the men. “At no point during the attack did Greene hit, punch, or push Kamara or any of his associates,” the lawsuit claimed.

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