Jobs in Sohar

A little about Sohar

Sohar is the administrative center of the northern part of Batina province of the Sultanate of Oman, as well as the province of the same name. This remarkable city is situated 240 km northwest of the capital Muscat. Near Sohara are ancient copper mines, Jebel Akhdar (Green Mountain), the highest mountain in Oman. Sohar is located right by the sea, so it has a beautiful climate, and working in Sohar is nice and healthy. Most of the jobs there is related to the metal or oil industry, but recently Oman has become a popular tourist country, which means that there are more and more jobs in Sohar available for skilled service and restaurant workers hotel business, but there are also jobs here that are related to medicine. It is therefore relatively easy for Russians and Ukrainians to find work in these areas and receive a salary that complies with world standards

About the job in Sohar

A lot of people are interested in working in Suhar. Nobody’s been here for a long time, but now the prospect of working attracts more and more people. Oman is situated next to oil magnates and is itself a major economic competitor in the world market of raw materials and labor. In Oman, the State gave priority to the standard of living of its citizens, one of the highest standards of living, a favorable environment, and a high level of pay. Oman used to be one of the oil tycoons, as are countries in this field, but local mineral reserves are constantly dwindling, and a new field of specialization has emerged – the service industry, which includes tourism and the restaurant industry, which provides many jobs to foreigners. As a result, Oman was constantly in need of new workers, and therefore people from all over the world came to Oman to build a career with a decent salary, which was easy enough to do in Sohar.

What kind of workers are needed in Sohar?

As elsewhere in the world, Sohar needs workers who love their work, know English, have the right education, and have at least a small amount of work experience in the necessary field – a year or two. All this will give you a huge advantage in the labor market in Sohar. It is also now becoming popular to start a business, as it has many advantages over employment. Unfortunately, some professions in Sohar are reserved for local residents and foreigners cannot work in these workplaces, but in the vast majority of cases this is not due to the harm done by employers, but because of certain local characteristics. For example, a taxi driver must be local because it will be difficult for foreigners to learn how to navigate the city because of local architecture

Topical and popular offers for work in Sohar: salesman, graphic designer, civil engineer, security guard, nurse, electrician, architect, welder, handyman, storekeeper, driver, plumber. All these proposals show how diverse is the jobs market in Sohara, where every single person can find a job that this person likes and can do and be rewarded for his or her work.

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