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Stage Architectural Loudspeakers
Quick Start Guide

SGK6 Stage Architectural Loudspeakers

JBL SGK6 Stage Architectural Loudspeakers


This Quick Start Guide contains basic information on the Stage Architectural loudspeakers, important pre-installation steps, and important safety warnings about installation of this product. Read through this document in its entirety before proceeding with installation.
After reading this document visit the product page on the JBL Specialty Audio website for complete installation instructions for these products.

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Supported Products

This document supports the following products.
In-Wall Models

Stage 250WL 2-way Dual 5.25″ In-Wall
Stage 260W 2-way 6.5″ In-Wall
Stage 280W 2-way 8″ In-Wall

In-Ceiling Models

Stage 260C 2-way 6.5″ In-Ceiling
Stage 260CDT 2-way 6.5″ Dual Tweeter In-Ceiling
Stage 260CSA 2-way 6.5″ Angled In-Ceiling
Stage 280C 2-way 8″ In-Ceiling
Stage 280CSA 2-way 8″ Angled In-Ceiling

Box Contents

1x Stage Architectural Loudspeaker
1x Zero Bezel Grille
1x Cutout Template
1x Quick Start Guide (This Document)

Associated Accessories

There are several accessories available for new construction installations as well as square grille kits to change the appearance of the in-ceiling speakers.
Preconstruction Brackets

CB6 Pre-Construction Bracket for 6″ In-Ceiling
CB6SA Pre-Construction Bracket for 6″ Angled In-Ceiling
CB8 Pre-Construction Bracket for 8″ In-Ceiling
CB8SA Pre-Construction Bracket for 8″ Angled In-Ceiling
WB52 Pre-Construction Bracket for 5″ In-Wall
WB61 Pre-Construction Bracket for 6″ In-Wall
WB81 Pre-Construction Bracket for 8″ In-Wall
Square Grille Kits
SGK6 Square Grille Kit for 6″ In-Ceiling
SGK8 Square Grille Kit for 8″ In-Ceiling

Warning IMPORTANT! HARMAN International assumes no responsibility for improper installation of hardware or for any personal injuries or product damages resulting from improper installation or a fallen loudspeaker.
Read through this document and other documents associated with this product in their entirety and heed all warning before proceeding with the installation of these product(s).
Warning IMPORTANT! Installation Precautions
Due to the nature of this product, there are several precautions to follow before installation can begin.

  1. Allow sufficient clearance between the speaker and any insulation that may be in the wall cavity to avoid ignition should overheating occur.
    1″ (26mm) for Non-Flammable Materials 3″ (78mm) for Flammable Materials
  2. Ensure that all wire run inside of walls and ceiling meets or exceeds local fire codes for hidden wiring.
  3. Determine wire lengths and select the proper gauge speaker wire to use based on the table under Wire Gauge by Distance.
  4. Do NOT overtighten the dog legs when securing the speaker to surfaces as this may cause the speaker to come loose. If using a power screwdriver set it to the lowest settings.
  5. Do NOT connect the speakers to an amplifier rated above the recommended amplifier power. Overdriving the speaker can cause an overheating condition increasing the risk of injury.
  6. Do NOT connect the amplifier end of the wire until all speakers are wired and installed.
  7. Determine and purchase any accessories such as preconstruction brackets before beginning the installation process. Refer to Associated Accessories for a list of available brackets.
  8. Ensure that wall and ceiling board material is between ½” (13mm) and 2″ (51mm) thick and capable of supporting the weight of the speaker.

Wire Gauge by Distance

Distance/Length Wire Gauge
< 50ft (15m) 16-gauge
50ft (15m) ~ 100ft (30m) 12-gauge
>100ft (30m) 10-gauge
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