JBL SDA-1700 Subwoofer Amplifier Owner’s Manual


JBL SDA-1700 Subwoofer Amplifier Owner’s Manual


JBL SYNTHESIS products are warranted against defects. The duration of a warranty depends on the laws in the country in which it was purchased. Your local JBL SYNTHESIS retailer can help you determine the duration and coverage of your warranty.
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Congratulations and Thank You for purchasing your new JBL SYNTHESIS® SDA-1700 Subwoofer Amplifier.
Please take the time to read the following installation and setup information in order to optimize your the performance of your amplifier and architectural subwoofer system.


The SDA-1700 subwoofer amplifier is a high efficiency Class D amplifier specifically designed to be used in conjunction with JBL SYNTHESIS® Architectural subwoofers. It is optimized to give the best dynamics and frequency response of JBL SYNTHESIS® Architectural subwoofers, and is specifically designed to drive their highly reactive load impedances.
NOTE: The EQ and headroom management have been specifically designed for JBL SYNTHESIS® Architectural subwoofers! Use of the SDA-1700 with any other subwoofers could lead to damage of the subwoofer or the SDA-1700 amplifier. Contact your dealer or visit www.jblsynthesis.com for the latest list of models that can be safely used with your SDA-1700 amplifier.


  • Wide dynamic range
  • Low distortion and low noise
  • 2 EQ modes (Customized for SSW-4 and C82W subwoofers)
  • User-adjustable Single-band PEQ (Room Equalization)
  • Automatic Turn-On (detecting signal presence) and Turn-Off after 10 minutes with no signal
  • Short-circuit and over-current protection
  • Over-temperature compensation
  • Two dual-banana output connectors for easy installation and connection to JBL SYNTHESIS® Architectural in-wall or in-ceiling subwoofers (Maximum of 2 subwoofer modules per amplifier)


  • 1 x SDA-1700 Subwoofer Amplifier
  • 2 x Rack Mount brackets
  • 4 x Screws for installing rack mount brackets
  • 1 x SDA-1700 Owner’s Manual
  • Power Cord (quantity and plug type vary by regions)


Carefully unpack the amplifier and accessories. If you suspect damage from transit, report it immediately to your dealer and/or delivery service.
Keep the shipping carton and packing materials for future use.
WARNING: Before you start to set up your amplifier, make sure you read and observe the Important Safety Instructions found at the beginning of this manual.


1.  Power LED

The Power Indicator LED identifies the current state of the SDA-1700 amplifier. The amplifier has three different powered states:

  • Red: Standby – the SDA-1700 automatically enters Standby if no signal is detected from the system for 10
  • Green: On – the SDA-1700 turns on to the “On” state, or when a signal is
  • No Light: Off – the AC mains power switch is in the off position or the SDA-1700 is

2.  Volume Control

Adjusts the volume level of the amplifier.


Numbers in Figure 2 correspond with the numbered items in this section

Figure 31• Rear-panel equalization controls

 NOTE: Specific measurement equipment is required to properly adjust the Equalization controls. Your authorized JBL SYNTHESIS® dealer can make the appropriate measurements, using suitable equipment to ensure optimal results.

1.  EQ Frequency Control

This adjustment allows you to select the center frequency of the particular problem area. The range is from 32Hz to 100Hz.

2.  EQ Bandwidth Control

Sets the range of frequencies over which the equalizer will have an effect. The range is from 0.1 octaves to 0.6 octaves.

3.  EQ Level Control

Allows you to adjust how much boost or cut is applied to the selected frequency by the EQ Frequency Control. This control adjusts from -12dB to a maximum of +3dB.

4.  Phase Switch

Adjusts the phase of the subwoofer’s output to the front speakers. Proper phase adjustment can also depend on variables such as the in-wall subwoofer placement and listener position. Set this switch for maximum mid-bass output at the primary listening position.

5.  EQ On/Off Switch

Enables/Disables the parametric EQ controls (Frequency, Bandwidth, and EQ Level, but not Phase).

6.  “1 2”, or Subwoofer Type Switch

Selects the factory pre-programmed subwoofer type settings:

  • Select the Type 1 setting for use with with the JBL SYNTHESIS® SSW-4
  • Select the Type 2 setting for use with the JBL C82W

7.    AC Mains Power Switch

Connects and disconnects power from the AC input cord. During periods of intermittent use, the power switch can be left On. It is recommended to turn off the power switch for extended periods of non-use.

8.    Power Cord Connector

Plug the supplied power cord into this connector and into a wallmounted AC outlet. Due to the current draw of the SDA-1700, accessory outlets on the back of any audio/video components should NEVER be used to power this product.
The power cord connector includes the fuse tray, located at the lower side of the receptacle. If you need to gain access to the fuse, always
disconnect the unit from the AC source/outlet. Replace the fuse with the same type, voltage and current rating specified.
100-120VAC Model: 10AH,250V
230-240VAC Model: 5AH,250V


CAUTION: Before you begin, make sure your amplifier is disconnected from the power source and all level controls turned completely down (counterclockwise).
Make sure the power source is adequate to supply the correct AC mains voltage and current for the JBL SYNTHESIS® SDA-1700 amplifier. Be sure that your amplifier operating voltage matches your available AC mains voltage.
To install the SDA-1700 in your cabinet/rack system, follow the steps below:

  • If applicable and or required by the installation, attach the rack mount brackets to each side of the front of the amplifier using the screws provided. Refer to Figure 4.
  • Install the assembly into the cabinet using the mounting screws for your rack through the rack mount brackets. For details of installation into the cabinet, refer to the user guide of your cabinet.


With proper installation, your new JBL SYNTHESIS® SDA-1700 amplifier is designed for continuous operation of your JBL SYNTHESIS® Architectural subwoofer, either the SSW-4 in-wall subwoofer or C82W in-wall/in-ceiling subwoofer.
Your JBL SYNTHESIS® SDA-1700 amplifier is equipped with a thermal protection circuit, which will shut the amplifier off when it gets too hot. If you experience thermal issues, several factors may be contributing to the problem, including load impedance, air flow and ambient temperature.
To avoid impedance related heating, DO NOT USE any subwoofer other than the recommended JBL SYNTHESIS® Architectural subwoofers.
Air flow restrictions could be another factor. Always install the amplifier allowing sufficient air flow around the unit, favoring natural convection.
The SDA-1700 works fine in a rack-mounted environment of conventional design. You may have to experiment with positioning, as hotter equipment below it will raise its ambient temperature. If you experience it thermally cycling, then you may need to move it lower in your rack.
Ambient temperature can also be a factor as a higher room temperature will start the SDA-1700 closer to its thermal limit than a lower room temperature. If the room is excessively hot, either cool the room or use the amplifier/subwoofer system at a cooler time.


CAUTION: NEVER make or break connections unless all system components are powered off. 2 CHANNEL APPLICATION – CONNECTING TO THE MAIN OUTPUTS


  1. Connect a dual-channel RCA patch cable between Left & Right main outputs of the receiver/preamplifier and to the respective INPUT connectors

on the SDA-1700 rear panel, as shown in Figure 5.
NOTE: This configuration applies to receivers with preamplifier outputs or to preamplifier/subwoofer amplifier configurations in which there are two sets of Main outputs. If the receiver has jumpers from the Pre- or Main-Out to the Amp-in connectors or if the preamplifier has only one set of Main- Out connectors, a Y-adapter should be used to send the same signal to both the main power amplifier and the subwoofer(s). Tape Out or Record Out connectors cannot be used.



Line level connection options to SDA-1700:

  • Connect a pair of RCA cables to left and right main outputs of your receiver/processor to L and R inputs of the SDA-1700 amplifier4\Connect receiver/processor subwoofer output to either of the L or R inputs
IMPORTANT: For SSW-4 in-wall sub select EQ1. For C82W in-wall/in-ceiling sub select EQ2.


CAUTION: NEVER make or break connections unless all system components are powered off.

IMPORTANT: For SSW-4 in-wall sub select EQ1. For C82W in-wall/in-ceiling sub select EQ2



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