Jake Paul To Take On Former UFC Champ Anderson Silva, Oddsmakers Roll With the Punches

Youtuber-turned-pro pugilist Jake Paul has lined up his next fight. After a couple of recent rejections, Paul will face UFC legend Anderson Silva in his next match, according to reports from No Smoke Boxing.

Jake Paul
Jake Paul
Social media personality and boxer Jake Paul following his fifth win in the ring. He will now face a new opponent, Alexander Silva, in October. (Image: Getty Images)

Paul now has a 5-0 record as a professional boxer, although his bouts are spaced far apart. His last win was against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in their rematch in December. Paul won both contests, one on points and one by knockout.

The upcoming fight with Silva, a former UFC Middleweight champion, will take place on October 29, according to the fighting news website. It will be the main event of a Showtime PPV event; however, there are no details on the rest of the activity.

Paul Finally Gets A Fight

Paul was going to return to the ring on August 6 against Hasim Rahman Jr at Madison Square Garden. However, the fight was canceled because the intended rival didn’t make weight.

Before that, Tommy Fury, brother to two-time world heavyweight champ Tyson Fury, had also canceled on the 6’1″ cruiserweight fighter. This was after the US Department of Homeland Security rejected his visa request.

A few days ago, Paul had written on his social networks that he already had his next rival. He added that it would be a massive announcement, but didn’t provide any names.

Paul’s 5-0 record comes at the expense of his ego. He had been repeatedly called out for not taking on professional boxers, although he has proven himself against UFC and MMA fighters. Even Woodley only has two boxing matches to his credit, both of which were losses he recorded against Paul.

Silva was a proven UFC champ before switching gears and entering the boxing ring two years ago. Since then, the 6’2″ Brazilian native has had four fights, winning three. Two of those came by knockout. His single loss was also by knockout against fellow Brazilian Osmar Luiz Teixeira.

Bettors Cause Oddsmakers to Scramble

When the news of the fight first broke, sportsbooks wasted no time putting up the lines. At first, Paul was getting all the attention, with books giving him odds of around -180 to win the match. Silva opened at around +150 as the underdog.

That later changed. As more bettors found out about the fight, they began placing their bets, and the scales tipped. Suddenly, Silva was getting most of the money.

Paul is no longer the favorite; in fact, he’s a considerable underdog. More books still have to list the fight, but BetOnline has Silva as the -155 favorite. DraftKings isn’t as convinced, still giving Paul -120.

Paul Already Planning Future Bout

Paul is just closing the fight against Anderson Silva, but he already has in his sights his next rival. In 2023, he will take on Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji, AKA KSI, in a battle to be held at Wembley.

KSI is a 6′ cruiserweight from the UK who, like Paul, got his start on YouTube. He later entered the boxing-for-glamour scene, just like his counterpart.

Paul and his brother, Logan, fought KSI and his younger brother, Deji, in an exhibition match in August 2018. Paul defeated his opponent with a fifth-round TKO, and KSI may still be looking for revenge for his brother’s loss.

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