‘I Dew’: Man to Wed Can in Las Vegas Publicity Stunt

A man plans to marry a can of Hard Mountain Dew on Wednesday night in Las Vegas.

In a publicity stunt cooked up by brand managers of the alcoholic PepsiCo product to generate articles exactly like this, Thomas Rank of Avon, Ind. won a free Vegas marriage to the beverage of his dreams at the Little Vegas Chapel. The “Hard Dew, I Do” contest was open this summer to singles of all sexes.

Little Vegas Chapel wedding chapel Las Vegas
Little Vegas Chapel wedding chapel Las Vegas
Before this publicity stunt, the Little Vegas Chapel’s biggest previous claim to fame was reportedly being housed in a former Rat Pack nightclub. (Image: littlevegaschapel.com)

Contestants were asked to submit “a personalized wedding proposal that shows the brand why they’re the one to spend a lifetime of happiness together,” according to a corporate press release that mentions the beverage’s name 24 times. Rank’s proposal was judged on “imagination, originality, and most importantly, love of Hard Mountain Dew.” (See?)

Rank and a guest won an all-expenses-paid two-night Vegas vacation, a reception at “one of Las Vegas’ hottest clubs,” a custom wedding ring, and a $1,000 wedding gift.

“Fans have gone wild for Hard Mountain Dew since hitting shelves, so our recent expansion to Las Vegas felt like the perfect opportunity to return the love by proposing to our fans,” explained Erica Taylor, one of the Hard Mountain Dew brand managers willing to actually accept responsibility for this. “We’ve already seen the crazy lengths people will go for Hard Mountain Dew, so offering up a legendary wedding in Sin City is our way of saying thanks!”

Little Chapel Going Big

The wedding of this man to this can will also represent the first national press received by the Little Vegas Chapel. Not established until 2013, this matrimonial underdog doesn’t have the long track records of failed celebrity marriages boasted by its competitors’ websites. No Britney Spears and Jason Alexander. (That was at the Little White Wedding Chapel.)  No Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie. (That was at Little Church of the West.) No Sinead O’Connor and Barry Herridge. (The Little White Wedding Chapel again.)

However, the building housing the Little Vegas Chapel was reportedly opened in 1954 as a mafia nightclub frequented by members of the Rat Pack.

According to the Little Vegas Chapel’s website, it offers a service called “pretend weddings.” (“Get ‘married’ to your best friend for life, your longtime partner, your cellphone, anything really!” the copy reads.)

Hopefully, that’s what this is. Because, while marriages to inanimate objects are not illegal, no US state will recognize one as legally valid. In addition, we must point out that alcoholic beverages and marriage are not usually a good combination.

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