How to uncover any unknown number you receive calls from

How to uncover any unknown number you receive calls from

Spam goes far beyond email. In recent years, calls have multiplied from hidden numbers that call at any time of the day in an insistent way that can make us anxious. And now those calls have reached even applications such as WhatsApp. Therefore, when in doubt, you have different applications to identify the origin of the call to decide if you really want to take it or not.

These applications work by tracking numbers, which allows them to show the caller’s identity even if we don’t have it saved in our contacts. In addition, the databases and access to the users’ mobile phone books allow spam numbers to be detected. Here we provide you with several apps and sites on which to uncover any unknown number you receive calls from.


Truecaller is one of the best-known apps thanks not only to its ability to identify calls and SMS, but also to block them. The app has a spam list updated by millions of users from all over the world to identify any phone that calls you and that you don’t have saved in your address book.

To be able to use it, you will have to keep it always active in the background and grant it quite a few permissions, such as access to your contact list, to make and manage calls or to send and view SMS messages.

Thus, when accessing the directory, it is able to recognize when several people classify a number as unwanted or spam. With Truecaller, you can also chat and share your location, record phone calls or make backup copies of call history, contacts or messages.


Whoscall identifies unknown calls to avoid spam, as well as calls made by a robot or from telemarketing platforms. Thus, it has a search engine for spam telephone numbers that you can block so as not to receive them again in the future.

The best thing is that Whoscall works without an internet connection, so you can use it at any time. According to the company in charge of its development, it filters 20 million calls a day and does so thanks to the crossing of calls with a database of 600 million telephone numbers.

Who’s Calling?

Who’s Calling? is capable of identifying the phone number of any received call or SMS, but it goes one step further as it is compatible with WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Thus, if you receive any message in any of these apps and you do not know the sender, Who’s Calling? will alert you immediately if it is spam.

The app reads the person’s name (if it’s in your address book) or the number, so you won’t need to have your phone nearby to know who’s calling or texting you. Of course, for it to work you will need to activate the volume.


In CallApp you will not only be able to identify who is calling you but also track the phone number and block calls suspected of being spam or that call you from a hidden number. Thanks to its caller ID, you will be able to know at the same time you receive the call who it is.

In CallApp you will find a blacklist in which you can add phone numbers to avoid receiving unknown calls and report them to help other users, as well as other functions such as the possibility of recording calls or a convenient way to manage your contacts, adding photos or marking them as favorites to call them quickly.


PhoneHistory is another great site that searches through the largest directory of landline and mobile numbers for individuals and companies. This site is great, as it doesn’t only reveal the caller’s name but it also provides the caller’s additional info such as address, phone history, city, state, and area code. Overall, PhoneHistory offers free reverse phone and text lookup services. Using it is easy as its interface is clear to navigate.


With TrapCall you will be able to know who is calling you from an unknown or private number, in addition to blocking them or creating your own blacklist of unwanted numbers. Its operation is simple: when you receive a call from a hidden number, you will only have to reject it or wait for the app to do so automatically. At that moment, the app sends an SMS with the phone number in question and informs you if it is linked to a specific site.

The app automatically blocks spam calls and is constantly updated. It also allows the recording of incoming calls which can be quite useful. Downloading it is free, but to be able to use the identifier service you will have to pay about four euros per month.

Call Blocker:

Call Blocker uses the database of phones reported to check the phone number that calls you or sends SMS and identifies if it is spam or commercial advertising. Once detected, it is up to you to block them so as not to receive calls from the phone number in question again.

You will only have to enter the phone number and check in the app if it has been previously reported. The app has more than 100,000 numbers registered on the web and a community of millions of users from more than 20 countries, which allows it to obtain a large database.

Mobile Caller Location Tracker:

With Mobile Caller Location Tracker, you will be able to track any incoming call and obtain data such as the city from which it is made or if it is from a service provider company, for example. Once you have that information, you can block the number from receiving any more calls. To use it, you do not need an internet connection, although in this case, it will not be able to show you the location of the incoming call.

That’s all for this guide on how to uncover any unknown number you receive calls from. Remember that it’s better to double-check any number before picking it up if you are not sure who the caller is.

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