Genius Sports Adds New Intelligence Software to Combat Match-Fixing in Sports

In its continuing effort to rid sports of match-fixing, Genius Sports is launching a new initiative. It is bringing in Clue, a global intelligence and investigations software provider, to introduce a more robust match-fixing detection system.

Genius Sports
Genius Sports
Genius Sports appears on the screens of the NYSE after it went public. The sports data provider is teaming up with an experienced software provider to enhance identification of match-fixing in sports. (Image: Genius Sports)

Clue and Genius Sports announced their new integrity platform for the international sports community yesterday. Genius, which offers its integrity services to over 150 sports organizations worldwide, will use this new system to detect and prevent global trends in betting-related corruption and support investigations. It will also provide greater visibility for sports organizations around the world.

Clue’s intelligence platform, according to a press release, will increase efficiency and interoperability among Genius’s Integrity, Trading, Quality Assurance and Trading teams. They provide oversight and expertise in North America, Europe and Asia.

Sports Integrity Gets a Boost

Uncovering potential match-fixing in sports can be challenging, although sometimes, teams make it easy. It’s a constant battle to identify potential manipulation, but innovation and technology are helping to tip the scales.

The new system will create customized dashboards and reports that can be used to identify and track criminals who attempt to manipulate or fix sporting events. It can also provide information on match officials, players, regions, and teams.

Clue’s digital vault will also house Genius’s complete library of integrity risk assessment documents. An expert team of analysts from the company will have access to every report and can analyze them.

Both organisations have worked proactively and collaboratively to ensure this integrity platform is able to identify, manage and share critical information, thereby reducing the risk to both the athlete and their sport,” said Phil Suddick, Head of Sport at Clue.

Those reports are linked together through a detailed red, green, or amber risk assessment, a calculation of the report’s level of integrity risk. Clue’s software will index each report against relevant blogs, match footage and analysis to offer “unparalleled” integrity intelligence.

A Perfect Fit

Clue has a number of high-profile partners around the world. The addition of Genius with this new tool is a considerable step forward. The company already works with Amazon, Wimbledon and Interpol, among others. It will gain access to new targets through the partnership.

Phil Suddick, Head of Sport at Clue, joined the company this past February. It was a perfectly-timed arrival to team up with Genius. In 2015, Suddick retired from law enforcement and joined the Tennis Integrity Unit (now the International Tennis Integrity Agency) as its Senior Intelligence Manager.

There, he was responsible for global intelligence and investigations into match manipulation in professional tennis. This involved working directly with Interpol, Europol and betting operators, regulators and third-party data integrity services.

The accumulation of his experience and the technology and resources Clue and Genius offer make for a winning combination to combat fraud in sports. As a result, and as databases grow and assimilate more information, the job will continue to become even easier.

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