Dunkin’ Worker Cussed Lactose Intolerant Customer Out For Ordering Oat Milk

The video shows a verbal altercation between a customer and an employee of the coffee chain.

Dunkin' Worker Cussed Lactose Intolerant Customer Out For Ordering Oat Milk

Customer With Lactose Intolerance Denied Order At Dunkin’

A woman has gone viral after she was allegedly denied service at an Orlando, Fla Dunkin’ Donuts for ordering oat milk. The customer captured this moment on her camera in which the customer is being sworn at by a Dunkin’ Donut employee for allegedly wanting to change one of her orders. Originally posted by Tik Tok user @soupysoleis, the video shows her verbal altercation with an employee of the coffee chain. 

The customer who is lactose intolerant claims that she had ordered two drinks for herself and her sister in a drive-thru when the employee told her that she has deleted her order. “Can you please get out of my line? Thank you,” the employee who identified herself as the manager of the branch told the customer. On asking why, the manager says, “Because I said so. Get out of my line.” 

Watch the video here: 

In disbelief, the customer asked, “Why are you denying my service right now?” To which the manager responded, “Because I am the manager, and I said I’m not giving you any service. Can you please get out of my line? Get out of my f****** line now.”

The customer by the end of the video explained what exactly happened. “I ordered two pumpkin iced chai lattes, and I asked for oat milk at the end of the order and she said, ‘Now I gotta redo the entire order.” She added, “I repeated it to her to make sure she got it and she cut me off,” the user wrote.

She further explained, “I’LL REPEAT IT BACK TO YOU’ and she did and I said, “yes ma’am that’s it,”

“Me and my sister were laughing because I made a joke about my lactose intolerance and when we came up to the window [the Dunkin’ employee] said, ‘Since you guys think it’s so f****** funny, your service is being denied’ and shut the window right in my face.”

The video has gone viral across social media platforms. Previously, a deaf customer was denied service at Dunkin’ Donuts. Shannon Heroux tearfully accused the coffee chain of turning away because she was unable to hear.


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