Drake Wins More Than $25M At Online Roulette Table, Only to Lose it All

Drake, the Canadian rapper and multimillionaire, isn’t afraid to take big risks at the casinos or sportsbooks. He has a propensity for huge wagers, and his latest adventure saw a win of more than $25 million at an online roulette table.

Canadian rapper Drake
Canadian rapper Drake
Rapper Drake gestures after watching an NBA basketball Western Conference Play-In game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors in May 2021. He continues to win big on the iGaming platform Stake, although some question if it’s a publicity stunt. (Image: Associated Press)

Drake, whose hits include “One Dance” and “God’s Plan,” dropped in on his favorite online casino, Stake, this past Monday. He shared his action on a Twitch Livestream, allowing his fans to follow him, as well as the virtual pill.

During the broadcast, Drake increased his winnings to $12 million, including a $5.73-million win on his first attempt. Eventually, his take reached over $27 million. But it wouldn’t last. By the end of the session, Drake had only $1,879 left in the bank.

During the session, Drake scored big wins for $5.73 million and $3.87 million. He also added $12.96 million when he hit a jackpot.

Spinning Wheels

Caught up in the excitement, Drake spread the wealth. Some of those who followed the Livestream allegedly received $25,000 if they won live draws he was holding. Later, as the session wore on, Drake continued his roller-coaster ride, adding $8 million here, losing $4 million there.


Toward the end of the action, forgetting the adage that you should quit while you’re ahead, the “Hotline Bling” singer wrapped things up almost empty-handed. At least, as empty-handed as someone worth $250 million can be.

Accompanying Drake was a rapper out of Morocco, French Montana. The two have collaborated on songs in the past and are reportedly working on new arrangements.

Caution, Speed Bumps Ahead

Drake is coming off a major win with a UFC bet. He took Israel Adesanya to beat Jared Cannonier in UFC 276, a wager that put an additional $220,000 in his pocket.

In addition to that win, Drake has repeated turned to Stake to take a chance at roulette. This past January, a video of him hitting the virtual table landed on social media. Then, in May, he allegedly won $17.9 million on a single spin in another live-streamed event.

The gambling airwaves aren’t full of stories of an Average Joe repeatedly winning big amounts like Drake has. Instead, there’s an occasional stroke of good luck, and roulette has better odds than other forms of gambling. However, the continued good fortune might, sooner or later, raise eyebrows.

Stake holds an iGaming license in Curacao, which is currently undergoing a reform of its gaming regime. As a result, operators will soon find that stricter controls are in place, as well as heightened scrutiny.


If Drake’s repeated good luck is part of a larger plan to drum up business, Stake could find itself in trouble. While there is no evidence that any wrongdoing is taking place, some believe there is.

This could ultimately lead to Stake finding itself on the hot seat. Of course, it would impact Drake, too. ut But he’d probably write it off, like he did with a $200,000 loss in Atlantic City.

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