Comment on Goldman Sachs VP in India Charged with Theft, Allegedly Used Stolen Funds to Pay Down Online Poker Debt by Sara Par

Hardick V. Ghadawala, living in the United States of America is hiding behind a proxy. Hardick is frequently moving and changing his residence. Hardick was living with his uncle Dr. Nuten Parikh, in 517 Dragon Gate Court, Henderson, NV 89011. Hardick has moved out and changed his address few times. He has given P.O. Box numbers to Government papers to avoid locating his residences. This guy is hiding behind TOR Browser, Multiple Proxy Servers and communicating with few secret friends and have been telling that he is currently live in India. This is total B.S. @LVMPD, @HendersonPD, @FBI should look into this guy (Hardick V. Ghadawala) and why he is hiding digitally and what his intentions are to live a secret life.

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