Comment on Golden Entertainment Eyes 2023 for Colorado Belle Decision by Arthur M Mendoza

Throughout the years, we spent so many family get always at the Belle. My wife and I would sit every morning on the balcony with a hot cup of coffee looking at the beautiful views of the river and back drop of the hills of bullhead city. In the evening with a glass of wine and had heartfelt conversations regarding our children and lives together. So many fond memories there. The Belle was different from the other casinos which were much larger, busier, crowded and only window viewed rooms. Laughlin is well known for the unique Colorado Belle, that beautiful boat on the river situated right in the middle of casino row on the river. . It would be just horrible to destroy the ship. I challenge a savvy investor(s) who is/are a creative marketing genius(s) to purchase the Belle, revive it to its profitable capabilities and show the world his/her talents. Make the Belle a vacation getaway for everyone, singles, families, seniors, children, wedding venue, bowling leagues, competitions, offer desert and river excursions, etc.,etc. Bring the world back to Laughlin and the Colorado Belle. Don’t destroy the unique wimsy of the ship that has brought people so many fond memories throughout the years. And as important bring more jobs back to Laughlin.

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