Cocaine Dealer Operating Out of Casino in Argentina Nabbed by Police

Police in Mar de Plata, Argentina, recently dropped a net over a drug dealer in the city. He, with the help of a female accomplice, was using a local casino as his cocaine dispensary, and it’s possible some clients will fall, as well.

Casino Central in Mar del Plata, Argentina
Casino Central in Mar del Plata, Argentina
Casino Central in Mar del Plata, Argentina at night. The casino recently became a sales points for a cocaine dealer. (Image: Infobae)

The unidentified man has a history of drug trafficking in Mar del Plata, as well as the Buenos Aires province. Local media outlet La Capital reports that police caught him in the act this week when he supplied cocaine to a woman to sell in the Mar del Plata’s Casino Central, as well as on local streets.

The accomplice’s capacity as an illegal drug sales representative led to the activity coming to an end. Police surveilled her following a tip the prosecutor’s office received, needing only one day to gather enough evidence.

Cocaine Op Blown by Police

This past Monday, after receiving the complaint, the prosecutor’s office ordered police to investigate. They found the woman staying in a central hotel and easily identified her. She, too, has a criminal record and spent time in jail on more than a few occasions.

The police carried out their surveillance, confirming that the tip the prosecutor’s office received was real. Furthermore, they verified that the dealer, with his accomplice’s assistance, was responsible for carrying out about 30 transactions, some of them allegedly inside the Casino Central.

Investigators are now reviewing the security cameras from the casino. They are looking for evidence of whether the two conducted sales inside the casino or if the woman only searched for customers there and led them outside to complete the transactions.

In addition, police are questioning unofficial parking guards in the area. In many places, individuals hire themselves out as freelance guards, watching over peoples’ cars in exchange for tips or established voluntary rates.

The drug dealer, who was on house arrest for other drug-related crimes at the time, wasn’t very adept at hiding his activity, according to the police. The same Volkswagen Amarok repeatedly arrived throughout the day on Monday at the same location, allegedly to drop off more powder.

Tightening the Noose

Both Tuesday and Wednesday, authorities waited for the van to arrive in order to catch the dealers in the act. However, it wasn’t until late Thursday that it finally returned. It was then that officers with the city’s Illicit Drugs division moved in.

They blocked the vehicle and arrested two men. One was the dealer and the other was an unidentified associate. Inside the truck, there was a quantity of cocaine close to 40 grams.

This shows that it was intended for supply and not stockpiling. The street price of cocaine in Argentina is around $30-$50 per gram. This gives the quantity a street value of between $1,200 and $2,000.

The female dealer fell, as well. She almost got away, as the investigation determined that she was getting ready to check out of the hotel.

The two men in the truck and the female are now in custody, facing charges of drug possession with intent to distribute. In theory, since they both have criminal records, one or the other may look to cut a deal. This implies someone may name sources or potential customers, which may lead to additional arrests.

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