Cherokee Casino Drunk Guest Sexually Assaulted by Oklahoma Cop, Authorities Reveal

An Oklahoma police officer was arrested last week on a rape charge after he gave a drunk woman a ride home from Cherokee Casino. The two later had oral sex, according to statements given to police.

Cody Even Cheyenne Kackley in a mug shot
Cody Even Cheyenne Kackley in a mug shot, pictured above. The former police officer was arrested for rape after he had sex with an intoxicated woman who he had given a ride home. (Image: West Siloam Springs Police Department)

West Siloam Springs Police Department Officer Cody Even Cheyenne Kackley, 35, of Colcord, Okla., has since quit his job.

He admitted to investigators he “f***ed up” and “disgraced the badge,” Law & Crime, a national criminal news site reported. He broke down in tears before his arrest on Wednesday.

The officer did not appear to have forced himself on the victim. But she was legally unable to give consent for sex under Oklahoma statutes because she was intoxicated, according to news reports.

On February 11, the woman was drinking at a Cherokee Hotel & Casino West Siloam Springs bar with a friend. The woman had consumed as many as 10 beers, according to Law & Crime.

She was staggering and stumbled into other guests and objects in the bar, surveillance video revealed, according to KHBS, an Oklahoma tv station.

Servers cut her off from further drinks and told her to have someone sober drive her home. She called her brother and asked him to give her a ride home.

She and the friend walked to her parked car, where she was stopped by West Siloam police officers.

They apprehended her for an unspecified incident inside the casino. She was handcuffed and placed in a patrol car.

Kackley told other cops the woman was “wasted,” and “drunk,” according to an arrest report. Kackley decided to drop the charges against the woman.

The woman asked Kackley for a ride home. He agreed.

I’m going to take the drunk home,” Kackley told the other cops, according to the police report.

For several minutes, he turned off his body camera.

Flirting in Police Car

The woman later told police she and Kackley “flirted back and forth with each other during the drive.”

When they got to her home, he walked her to the front door. Both went inside the residence, and he followed her into her bedroom.

The two hugged and kissed, police said. Kackley pulled out “his stuff,” the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette newspaper reported. The woman took off her shirt. She allegedly then gave Kackley oral sex.

When the woman’s brother appeared, the woman and Kackley stopped the sexual contact.

Victim’s Memory Was Weak

The woman later contacted police. She could not remember the incident clearly, police said.

Kackley later was questioned by police. He told them he knew the woman was intoxicated. He believed her blood alcohol level was about .20. Levels of .08 are considered intoxicated when driving in most U.S. locations.

The victim had trouble remembering events from early in the night and who she was with,” Kackley told investigators, according to the arrest report. “He would ask the victim a question, and within minutes she would forget the question due to her intoxication.”

As of Monday, Kackley remained in custody in the Benton County Jail. Bail was set at $50,000. The incident remains under investigation.

“This incident does not reflect the character or moral integrity of the West Siloam Springs Police Department,” Chief Larry Barnett told the Democrat-Gazette.

West Siloam Springs is about 82 miles east of Tulsa. Cherokee Hotel & Casino West Siloam Springs is a Cherokee Nation gaming property.

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