Casino Bet of Less Than $5 Becomes Fortune-winner for Gambler in Chile

A gambler in Chile took a trip to a local casino this past Saturday and left with an early Christmas present. Everyone who plays the slots, even if only in the back of their mind, hopes to hit it big, and this 50-year-old woman did.

Enjoy Casino, Viña del Mar, Chile
Enjoy Casino, Viña del Mar, Chile
A look at the Enjoy Casino in Viña del Mar, Chile, from the water. A lucky slot machine player turned less than $4 into over $101,000 when she landed on a jackpot. (Image: Pinterest)

The woman, identified by media outlet Soy Chile only as “MMC,” visited the Enjoy Viña del Mar casino on Saturday. After only a short time playing the slots, Lady Luck smiled at her in a big way.

Following a bet of just CLP4,000 (US$4.52), her life changed. Suddenly, the slot started screaming and its lights began to flash. It was then that she realized she had hit the jackpot. Off her minimal bet, MMC just scored CLP90,000 (US$101,700).

Still In Shock

When media outlets caught up with her later, MMC said that she had been inside the casino for a short time when the unexpected happened. At first, she didn’t make the connection between the reaction of the slot machine and the jackpot.

Only after other gamblers began coming up to her and congratulating her did she realize what had happened. She was “caught completely off guard” and in shock over the outcome.

MMC didn’t say what she plans on doing with the winnings, which will be about 20% lighter after she pays taxes. Still, the amount comes at the right time of the year, as splurging on the family for the holidays is likely in the cards.

She’s not the only person to win big off a small investment at a casino recently. A man won $96,832 at a Fresno, CA, casino last month after betting just $1.76.

On November 19, Evencio Valencia Rocha of Porterville, CA, visited Eagle Mountain Casino. He headed for the jackpot and sat down at the one-cent “Rising Fortunes” slot machine.

The casino would later report that Valencia had only bet $1.76 when he hit the jackpot. He scored $96,832 off his investment and still had plenty left over after giving the obligatory 24% in taxes to the state.

Viña Del Mar Deals With Bomb Scare

MMC’s win undoubtedly got everyone’s adrenaline rushing. Gamblers at the casino had a similar reaction last Saturday, but for a very different reason.

Authorities had to evacuate the casino in the early hours of the morning due to a “suspicious package” that some thought may have been a bomb. Police and the bomb disposal unit descended on the property, taking over the section of the casino that houses the table games where the package was found.

However, it turned out to be nothing more than a case of overreaction. After getting a closer look at the package, which had been left inside the bathroom, it turned out to be nothing more than an empty box that someone had inadvertently left there.

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