Adult Gaming and Indian Culture

Adult Gaming and Indian Culture

For decades, innovations in technology have dictated how people all over the world live their daily lives. Never has this been more apparent than it has been than when it comes to the worlds of video gaming and adult entertainment.

In the early days of video gaming, children and adolescents were the primary targets of the world’s top video game development companies. Games like Pac Man, Frogger, Super Mario, and Donkey Kong were simple enough to appeal to people of all ages, mostly younger generations.

It has only been within the last 15 or 20 years that top gaming companies have shifted most of their collective efforts toward developing video games that appeal mostly to adults, think games of strategy. This should not surprise anyone as the children of the 90s have turned into adults of the 21st century.

Adult Gaming and Indian Culture

While the country of India was late to the video gaming revolution, the people of India have wasted little time embracing the fun and excitement found from playing video games. Like with so many other world cultures, playing video games on PCs and mobile devices has quickly become one of the favorite entertainment options for young and older adults alike in India.

A lot of the cultural changes involving video gaming have come because of the country’s aggressive move to adopt new and better communication capabilities. Throughout India, residents are now able to get unfettered data access through popular 4G and 5G cell communication networks. For smaller cities and villages where people can seldom afford to purchase Xbox or PlayStation products, these new innovations in communication have brought the people closer to mainstream life. That translates to them being able to play video games through downloads on affordable mobile devices.

Experts currently estimate that more than 40% of the population in India are proud owners of smartphones. That percentage is up sharply from where it was just a few years ago.This alone accounts for the region’s increasing interest in eSports and online casino gambling.

While it’s technically illegal for India’s residents to gamble online, studies about online gambling indicate the laws in place are seldom if ever enforced. That has opened the door for millions of India’s most ardent casino gamblers to register with online casinos operating legally out of Europe, mainly the UK. Many of the UK’s top online casino sites are more than happy to cater to Indian players who have the enthusiasm and financial resources to play online casino games on their mobile devices.

It remains to be seen just how deeply adult gaming is going to affect Indian culture. Some experts view video and casino gaming as nothing more than a distraction for adults who should be working on their careers and taking care of their families. Arguably, that’s a rather short-sided view given the fact adults in India or any other culture are entitled to enjoy legal forms of entertainment.

For now, India is seeing a major shift towards the country becoming an economic world power. It makes sense the country’s adults would want to rule the video gaming world as well.

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