2021 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS North Cyprus Begins; Mantas Nanartavicius wins Warm-Up

Kicking off September 16, the 2021 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS North Cyprus is in full swing, with the Warm-Up event already finished up. The series runs through September 27, with the Warm-Up offering a little pre-game action before the Main Event. The Warm-Up had a $2,200 buy-in and saw 745 players competing. In the end, it was Mantas Nanartavicius who earned the first-place win after defeating Fahredin Mustafov in heads-up play.

Details of the Event

The Merit Crystal Cove Hotel Casino & Spa is hosting the LIVE MILLIONS and players descended on to the property late last week to take part in the Warm-Up event. Everyone was vying for the first-place finish, but of course, there could only be one winner. Once it reached three-handed play, the poker players left in the event decided to cut a deal.

This was Nanartavicius, Mustafov, and Ionel Anton. The three players cut an ICM deal and decided to leave $24,000 in prize money to compete for plus the trophy. In the end, it would be Nanartavicius who came out victorious.

Soon after the deal was made, Anton would fall short on chips and he was knocked out, leaving Nanartavicius and Mustafov to complete in the heads-up round. Shortly after, the final hand would go down. Mustafov was in at 30.6 million and Nanartavicius called. Mustafov held A-4 off-suit with Nanartavicius holding pocket 4s.

The flop fell J-9-4 and nothing change. The 2 on the turn gave Mustafov an option but the queen on the river sealed the deal for Nanartavicius and he claimed the LIVE MILLIONS poker win! It was an interesting event for sure, and was a great way to get things started for LIVE MILLIONS in Cyprus!

Final Table Results:

First:                   Mantas Nanartavicius     $210,912

Second:              Fahredin Mustafov          $156,293

Third:                 Ionel Anton                        $158,318

Fourth:               Silma Macalou                  $81,435

Fifth:                   Georges Hanna                 $62,095

Sixth:                   Johan Guilbert                 $50,170

Now, the LIVE MILLIONS will see the conclusion of the High Roller event take place as well as the Main Event tournament. The High Roller tournament has 101 players competing and pulled 40 re-entries early on. The event will continue through today to play down to the winner. The buy-in to this event is $10,500.

From that point, the Main Event will get started in Cyprus, boasting a large $5,300 buy-in. It will be interesting to see if this tournament is the big draw during the series and just how many players decide to take part. it is expected that a large number of players will register to compete.

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