2-Month-old Turkey Quake Survivor’s Mother Found, Tweets Ukraine Minister

The two-month-old was pulled out from under the rubble after 128 hours.

2-Month-old Turkey Quake Survivor's Mother Found, Tweets Ukraine Minister

Locals had praised rescuers for pulling the baby out of the rubble.

The tale of a two-month-old baby’s miraculous survival during the 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Turkey in February warmed the hearts of people across the world. The “Hero” toddler was pulled out alive from under the rubble 128 hours after the quake while his mother was reported to be dead. The crowd cheered and applauded the rescue workers for achieving the impossible. And now, in more good news, Ukraine minister Anton Gerashchenko has claimed in a tweet that the toddler’s mother is alive.

“You probably remember this picture of the baby who spent 128 hours under rubble after an earthquake in Turkey. It was reported that the baby’s mom died,” Mr Gerashchenko said in his tweet.

“Turns out, the mom is alive! She was treated in a different hospital. After 54 days apart and a DNA test, they are together again,” he added, attributing the information to a Turkish news outlet.

Twitter users welcomed the news, calling it a “miracle”.

“I am so happy about this. Thank you for sharing,” commented one user. “It was heartbreaking but this update made my day,” tweeted another.

“Restoring faith in the cosmos… a little bit is a lot these days,” a third user tweeted.

Nearly 30,000 people died and over 6,000 buildings were destroyed in the earthquake, which was ranked as the world’s seventh deadliest natural disaster this century.

It was Turkey’s deadliest since 1939.

The quake was so powerful that it was felt in Syria and aftershocks caused widespread damage in both the countries. More than 3,500 died in Syria.

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